Buying and selling

We believe it is very important to provide comprehensive, personal advice when selling Old Master instruments. This ranges from expertises and valuations to advice about instrument insurance.
As a buyer or seller of a stringed instrument you profit from the many years of international experience of the master violin maker Gerlinde Reutterer. If you wish to buy or sell an antique instrument or a master bow, we offer consultation services with no obligation on your part and will be happy to give you an overview of our current stock of antique master instruments and bows.

Appraisals and Certificates

Verbal information/advice about an instrument you own or wish to sell is available with no obligation but with compensation of time expenses. Please send photos of your instrument via e-mail prior to making an appointment.

For insurance purposes or the like we write appraisals of the value and condition of the instrument / bow. We also offer hassle-free renewals after several years. This service is free of charge for instruments purchased from us.

Upon request we will also issue a certificate verifying the authenticity and condition of your instrument. For this service we also photograph of your instrument.