Gerlinde Reutterer

  • Training at Violin Making School in Mittenwald (D) (1980 - 1983).
  • Practical trainings with Greg T. Alf (Cremona) and Carleen M. Hutchins (Boston) (1983-84).
  • 1985-90 Employee in the atelier of Andreas Post (Amsterdam).
  • Recieving the "master violin maker degree" at Innsbruck (1991)
  • Establishing my own shop in Vienna (1993).


In addition to serving our personal customers, who are for the most part professional musicians from the many ensembles in Vienna, we have over the past twenty years also worked for the following institutions, among others:

* Capella Leopoldina, Wien * Concentus Musicus, Wien
* Esterhazy Privatstiftung * Konservatorien, Wien und Graz
* Kroatisches Nationaltheater, Zagreb * l´orfeo Barockorchester, Linz
* Musikuniversität, Wien * Niederösterr. Tonkünstlerorchester
* Technisches Museum, Wien * Radiosymphonieorchester Wien
* Volksoper Wien * Wiener Symphoniker
* Salzburg Museum